G Test - Have A Couple Questions

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G Test - Have A Couple Questions

by: Nfsryder on

Hey everyone, newbie here! Im going to be taking the G test (G2 exit) at Aurora in a few days and I have a couple of questions that Im hoping you guys can answer.

1) Whats the proper procedure for performing an Emergency Stop?

Ive done some Googling and Ive gotten conflicting answers on whether you should slow down first before pulling onto the shoulder or get onto the shoulder and then slow down. Im pretty sure the first one is correct (slow down first). Is this the correct procedure:

1) Turn on right signal and apply brakes to slow down.

2) Pull onto the shoulder once youve slowed down to a relatively slow speed.

3) Stop the vehicle, turn off right signal and turn on hazard lights.

4) Put car in park and apply the handbrake.

2) Parking – do you have to make it in one go?

Im pretty confident in my driving abilities, but I figured Id ask this just in case my nerves get to me and I make a mistake. If my car isnt lined up right when Im backing into a spot, am I allowed to adjust myself (move forward to line up right and then reverse again) or do I have to back into the spot in one go? Also, do I have to do the 90° method when backing into the spot, or can I use the normal everyday method (pulling past an empty spot on the right, turn car left so its angled 45°, and then back in)?

3) Where should the second car be when waiting to turn left at an intersection with a traffic light?

Can I enter the intersection as well to wait or should I be waiting behind the white line (even if the intersection is a big one)?

Help would be much appreciated!

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by: jman on

I'm no expert but this is what I remember from when I read the study guide five years ago:

1) Unless you are avoiding a collision, don't brake suddenly on a highway.

If the speed limit is 100, you should be at least at 80 when entering or exiting the highway. This applies to ramps and shoulders. So you should be at least at 80 before moving to step 2. Accelerate to 80 (if the road conditions allow it) on the shoulder before entering again.

2) I don't think so, I was too close to the curb when when I was doing the parallel parking, I told the instructor, moved forward and corrected the angle.

3) I believe the rear wheels have to be behind the line.

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