Fatal Error on Crown Brief Synopsis?

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Fatal Error on Crown Brief Synopsis?

by: waldnont on
Thu Nov 24, 2016 7:18 pm

Long story, in short, Crown has put on the Crown Brief Synopsis that a tuning fork test was conducted. I was shocked to see this because I assumed tuning forks were no longer used in Ontario. When asked the crown said

"This is to advise that I spoke to the investigating officer regarding your request with respect to information on tuning forks that was indicated on the crown brief synopsis that I provided to you in disclosure.This information was left on the template used by the officer for speeding offences in error. They are no longer required to use tuning forks and the radar is tested as per manufacturers instructions."

This interesting because the officer was using an older model 'Scout Directional/Handheld Radar Serial #SHD-02837'. Would putting that on the Crown Brief Synopsis be a fatal error? The officer indicated that tuning forks were used in testing. I just find this very strange. It's in Deep River, which is a small town of 1500. Any thoughts?
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by: screeech on
Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:11 pm

Part 1's can certainly have a Crown brief...There is quite often just a small synopsis done up so the prosecutor has an idea of what went on, along with copy of the driver record and printout of the vehicle info...it is just local policy as to if one is done up or not...
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