Best Procedure For 3 Tickets In One Day And 3 Points

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Best Procedure For 3 Tickets In One Day And 3 Points

by: outofmyelement on to forum.. and everyone seems to be quite familiar with processess..not sure what is best course of action. My 22 yr old son got his first speeding ticket..however he got 3 in one day :( First one..75k in a 50k zone on way into work, second one 72k ina 50k zone along with failure to have current insurance document in car (which was more or less our fault) on way home from work...baaad day. Needless to say, we were not impressed and I'm sure the 2nd cop took no mercy seeing as he got one that morning. Fines of $225 and 3 points (I'm assuming) We've always just payed the odd ticket that we've gotten..never tried to fight them. I'm concerned obviously with fallout of would think it's best to try and reduce this. Do we, first go through prosecutor step? Skip that and request trial? Request disclosure now?? (Never even new what that was?) We are still within our 15 days following ticket. My son is at I'm a little concerned when I read about dates being put off etc as he will be out of town, could have exams etc. The other question I have is... on the more concerning ticket, there is no nearest intersection documented on ticket, and Centre rd in Flamborough is very long with numerous speed changes. If he doesn't have this on the ticket is that something to fight??...or would that be in disclosure and not needed on ticket. I'm kind of of the're speeding you're wrong..but by the looks of this forum..there is some hope. Any suggestions?????? Thanks

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by: ttlt_11 on

Best thing to do and what I would do is first request a trial for all tickets (you can always pay up to or on the trial date, and only request one disclosure letter per ticket!) once you get the trial dates.. THEN request disclosure, review the disclosure carefully and see if any info is missing (ie. locations) because you are correct about centre rd with speed changes allover (I know the road), and see if the officer wrote them in his/her notes, but it's very possible he/she did and go by what evidence is against your son, you may have a case.

Also a great read and helped me...

Let us know how it goes!

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