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Need Advice - Courtroom Procedure

by: SolveARealCrime on

I have a question about proper procedure.

I have had my first appearance for Driving under Suspension where I aquired my disclosure.

I have my 2nd appearance coming up.

Now, the reason that my licence was suspended in the first place was for an unpaid fine. The fine was for a ticket for 'proof of insurance' which was given out as a T.T.P. The T.T.P. ticket was taken to the Police Reporting Centre and the Insurance card was produced and the ticket stamped.

Well I come to find out a year later that the Reporting Ctr. either lost their paperwork or some other error which caused the charge to be put through anyways. This is why I have not paid the fine.

Now in a phone conversation with the prosecutor, we resolved that she will reduce the charge if I bring the stamped ticket and proof of re-instatement.

Unfortunately I have not yet found my copy (found every other ticket I've ever had) and probably won't by the time of my 2nd appearance in court.

My question is this:

When I appear, do I plead not guilty or do I ask for a later trial date to give me more time to find the ticket and take the reduced plea at that time? I'm not sure if pleading not guilty will procede to a later trial (buying me time to find my paperwork) at which time I can take the plea bargain / reduced charge or will my 'trial' procede immediately at that point.

Any help / advice would be very much appreciated!


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