Advice Needed! I Was Not Even Speeding!

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Advice Needed! I Was Not Even Speeding!

by: GoodDriver72 on
Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:26 pm

Hi There!! New to the site... this is my first post.

We had just finished closing our trailer in Northern Ontario and started on the road home Thanksgiving Monday... It was just after 8 PM and starting to get quite dark. I may have been doing 90km/h in an 80km/h zome...MAX!

Vehicle cresting the hill and coming towards me had bright high beams on, so I gave him a quick flash of my own to let him know. High Beams go off and red & blue lights come on... damn, I flashed a cop!

Cop does a U-turn and pulls me over... tells me I am doing 110km/h!! I immediately dispute the speed claimed while he took my information to his cruiser. When he comes back he hands me a ticket for 100km/h in 80km/h zone :( I again dispute the charge and ask to see his radar. He tells me he originally had me at 106, and that it continued to climb when he pulled me over, and that he "wasn't sure he locked the speed in to the radar", that he would have to go back to the cruiser and check. A few minutes later he comes back and says I can come look at his radar machine... it reads 109, but has no other information displayed. How do I know when that 109 reading was taken, because I know there is no way I was going that fast. I drive a lifted Jeep and its a curvey road so I know if/when I'm speeding.

So now I have a verbal 110km & 106km claim, a ticket for 100km and a radar reading of 109km, but no time or date stamp on the read-out that he"wasn't sure" if he even locked in... personally, I think the cop was a bit miffed because I high beamed him.

Does anyone know if the radar detecors the OPP store a history? With all the technology available I really think today's radar devices should take a photo of the vehicle along with the time, date and speed clocked stamped right on the picture.

Also, does anyone know if having a GPS Speed enabled dashcam would be admissable (not that I have one, but may invest in one for future).

I know Judges usually always side with the cops, and this is definately going to be his word against mine, but I really feel I need to fight this one... Like I said, I may have been going as fast as 90km, but that's it!

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