Didn't know my licence was suspended...

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Didn't know my licence was suspended...

by: sunshinemocha on
Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:22 pm

I had gotten a speeding ticket in Jan 2009. Filed for a court date, it was Nov 2009. I was sent out of province for work the day of the trial so had a representative request a new trial date. Set for June 2010.
Meanwhile, my 30 year old fiance is diagnosed with Stage 4 colon/liver cancer. His doctor missed all the signs. I managed to get him an appointment at a Mayo clinic in the US. We got an appoint. in June and I went, missing my date. He died in mid July, I was his full time caregiver and didn't open mail for weeks as we were in hospitals for days on end. Did not know licence was suspended for not paying ticket that i was convicted of by default. Driving north this weekend got another speed ticket by plane. Of course then I find out my licence is suspended, car gets towed, and i get 2 more tickets.

I haven't paid the first one yet. I would like to speak to someone about fighting all of the tickets. How should I proceed. (I have driven 450 000km in the last 5 years, and had zero speeding tickets until last year - have been very distracted trying to figure out how to save a life) any help would be appreciated
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by: OTTLegal on
Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:56 pm

Sounds like your representative didnt appear and get you a new court date.

You should go to the court ask to do a reopening to get a new court date for your first ticket, by explaining what happened. You have a reasonable explanation as to what happened and the Justice should reopen the case.

Then once your case is reopened then you need to go to the court date for the drive suspended charge and explain what happened, show that the case was reopened.

It probably the type of case where you should consult with a reputable paralegal who can appear with you at the court and assist you with the reopening application.

The penalty for driving while suspended is 1000 dollar fine, and 6 months further suspension.
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by: Reflections on
Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:58 pm

Your next trip to the court house should include as much information from what you described as you can find. You may be able to get lieniency due to the hardships in your life, but that is upto the JP. Good luck.
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