Can I Appeal?

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Can I Appeal?

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I recently came home from vacation to find out that my license was suspended, for what to me seemed like no reason, and without warning.

It turns out that a ticket that WAS paid for (and I have the transaction record on my credit card to prove I paid for it) showed up as "not paid".

Due to me not "paying" the ticket, my license was suspended without prior notice.

I just paid for the ticket that I had already paid for, again, and then paid the $150 to get my license back.

Is this not a clerical error? I followed the procedures, and paid for my ticket after it was issued and within the time limit, so why am I being penalized for not paying for a ticket that I had paid for, as well as now being stuck - without a license, unable to drive and paying an additional $150 to get it back?

How do I go about appealing this, because this is 100% clearly not my fault, and *EDIT* like this should NEVER happen. And side note, should the government/courthouse not send you a notification that you have unpaid fines/tickets before suspending your license? This all seems really shady and corrupt.

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