Driving On The Wrong Way Need Help

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Driving On The Wrong Way Need Help

by: 12yv5v5v45v on

someone help me fight my ticket or atleast reduce it.

i was driving downtown hamilton where it was raining and cloudy and somewhat darker than normal.

water was blocking the sign on the road where it says to turn off the street so i did not see that, and the signs on the road are very limited and hard to see when the lights were not on.

on top of all that the person infront of me made the same mistake, it was truly hard to see in these situations. if there were larger signs and or lights on i would have easily known of the one way.

i am not familiar with this area, thus why i would like to fight it or reduce it

if you can give me pointer thatd be much appreciated.

btw im 18 with my g2

thanks dan

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by: bend on

- If the weather is so bad that you can't make out objects in front of you, the logical thing to do would be to safety pull over and park. This argument comes up quite often on these boards. What you're essentially saying is "I couldn't make out the objects in front of me, so I continued driving blind with no regard for what's in front of me".

- Signs are regulated. They are all the same size, same height, etc. If they weren't, people would complain how it's impossible to follow signs that are placed just anywhere. You'd never know where to look. "Making bigger signs" is not the provinces problem. At the end of the day, following already strictly regulated signs is yours.

- Signs are also made to be reflective. If it's so dark outside that you can't see things, you can always turn on your low beams. They aren't just for 30 minutes before/after sunrise/sunset. If the conditions get so poor that you can't see things, feel free to turn them on. It's not just for you, it's also for the people sharing the road with you.

- It's irrelevant whether or not someone made the same mistake or you are unfamiliar with the area.

Insurance wise, it's a minor offense. Swapping it out for another minor offense is not going to change anything. All minor offenses are treated the same.

On the other hand, you're a novice driver and it's always nice to avoid points when you can. It's not going to do anything for your insurance, but another ticket like this and you run the risk of being suspended.

You can always request a trial and go from there.

Good luck.

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by: jsherk on

i would plead not gulty and request a trial with the officer present. Once you get your notice of trial, you can then request disclosure (officers notes). Once you get the notes post them here so we can determine if officer has everything in notes needed to charge you.

There is no downside to doing this as you could decide to just pay it anytime before the trial if you really want to, but this way you get to see the officers notes which are key to whether they have the proper information to charge you at trial or not.

+++ This is not legal advice, only my opinion +++
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