Was this person wrong?

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Was this person wrong?

by: puzzled on
Wed May 04, 2011 6:59 pm

Was on King Rd. at a red light waiting to turn right (south), onto Yonge St., first car at the intersection. To my left I see a bus stopped in the right turn lane , south bound Yonge. Beside this right turn lane are two southbound lanes too. The bus is stopped picking up passengers with his four way flashers on. Behind the bus is about seven cars, two of which are OPP cruisers about four and five cars behind the bus. The bus is there for quite a bit as he was also waiting for some passengers running to the bus. One car pulled out from behind the bus, went around it, and safely made the right turn onto westbound King Rd. The second car pulled out to do the same. As the car was making the turn, and already about one third in front of the bus, the bus pulled forward, with it's four way flashers still on. I could see that the driver of the bus was looking to his right, maybe at a passenger, not really paying attention, and had to jam on his brakes in order to avoid hitting the car. One of the OPP cruisers that was further back, cut through a Harvey's parking lot in order to chase down and pull over the car. What charge would this person be looking at if any, and if the bus hit the car, given that it gave no indication it was going to proceed (no left turn signal, four ways still on), who would be at fault?
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by: nerd on
Sat May 28, 2011 9:30 pm

In the drivers handbook, the rules of the road state that you do not change lanes to pass a bus which is temporarily stopped to load or unload passengers. It's not a law, but driving education teaches this as well and if you pass a bus in this manner during your driving test, you will get docked for completing an unsafe maneuver.

It is illegal to cut over the lane to make a turn, which is apparently what they did in front of a vehicle that had the right-of-way. The cop had every right to pull them over.
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