Passenger In The Back Seat Failing To Wear Seatbelt

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Passenger In The Back Seat Failing To Wear Seatbelt

by: sari78 on


I got back-passenger seatbelt ticket. I was sitting in the back seat and not wearing the seatbelt and the police officer stopped us and he gave me ticket $240. But he said there is no points on this ticket and you can go to court and ask to lower the cost.

I would like to know how much they will lower it because I took it in Niagara and I live in Toront; and is it true there is no point?

I appreciate any help


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Guilty with explanation should work, just be like your unemployed and you can't afford the ticket and you are REALLY sorry (Lesson Learned!) and bla bla bla and JP will ask you what you can afford and say something like $10.

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