Visiting family from out of the country

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Visiting family from out of the country

by: OutOfTowner on
Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:29 pm

Visiting family from out of the country. Used to live in MTL. Proud to say that, in 20 yrs, I have never ever gotten a Ticket ( Not even a parking ticket). I consider myself a law abiding, and good driver. Now that I have tooted my own horn :). LOL! I would really like to get some advice regarding my current situation. After, visiting my parents in the QC province, and driving to my in-laws in the ON Province, We pulled into a service center. Our Van was stopped midway on the ramp, OPP, said he was conducting a spot check. I was sitting way at the back, did have a lab belt on. But started to remove it, because I wanted to run into the rest area before the kids woke up. I was, given a ticket for $ 240.00. For not wearing a seat belt. 1) I did have one on, but was getting ready to run into the service area, so took it off, as we were being stopped and 2) I really did not know it was a LAW FOR ALL PEOPLE in the vehicle to wear a seat belt. Any advice. I feel horrible that I broke the law (IF, I had known) and also, I cannot pay this much $$. Can someone please advise me? Thank you so very much, and Happy Holidays!
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