Visiting Ontario With Ignition Interlock Restriction In Bc

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Visiting Ontario With Ignition Interlock Restriction In Bc

by: visitor1269 on

I live in BC and I'm planning a visit to Toronto for a week. I have ignition interlock restriction on my BC License for driving over .08, but I was not charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. I was instead handed a Conditional Discharge for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

My question is, while visiting Toronto, am I required to drive a vehicle with an interlock system installed? Or can I drive a vehicle without one?

Thanks in advance

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by: The Stig on

If you received a conditional discharge for dangerous operation you were in fact charged under the Criminal Code. Driving without an interlock in Ontario could in fact net you a Drive Disqualified charge or depending on your conditional discharge, reactivate that sentencing.

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