2 Tickets in 2 days. Can i deal one out ?

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2 Tickets in 2 days. Can i deal one out ?

by: maxpiette on
Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:01 pm

I just got 2 court dates, one for each ticket i got, but on my second one I also got a letter to see the Prosecutor next week if I wish to resolve the matter in advance. If I can get one kicked out.... I'd have no issues.
Would this be something they would consider ?
Problem is... one is for $220 and the other $40.
i'd rather pay a reduction on the $220 than have the $40 kicked out and pay the $220.
Would they kick out the $40 and reduce the $220 ?
I requested disclosure on the $40 a couple weeks back... would love to see it before meeting with the prosecutor for first attendance on the $220 to see where i stand.
Any advise on what I should be looking at trying to accomplish. By the time this $220 goes to court it will have been 14 months since offence date..
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