Need Stamp From Attorney General Of Canada For Form 4b

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Need Stamp From Attorney General Of Canada For Form 4b

by: ThunderSoul on

Hi all, I'm new here. I have been reading up on this forum regarding serving the Attorneys/Court/Prosecutor.

I found this website ... ure-forms/ from where I downloaded Form 4B.

I am not familiar with downtown Toronto, so I am confused regarding the Attorney General of Canada's address:


The Attorney General of Canada (as required by section 109 of the Courts of Justice Act)

Suite 3400, Exchange Tower

Box 36, First Canadian Place

Toronto, Ontario M5X 1K6


It says "Box", which confuses me. Is it like a PO box? Do I have a chance of getting a stamp from that address? If so, where exactly is this address? Please advise...

Thank you.

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by: daggx on

You should be able to get a stamp from this office. Still to be sure that there will be someone there to stamp your form you can call them at 416-973-0942 and double check. The building it self is at the corner of King St. West and York St. If you are coming by TTC get off at Saint Andrew Station and head east, you should be able to walk it in a few minutes. The Exchange tower is a large office building with many different clients, the Attorney General of Canada's office is in unit 3400. I think that puts it on the 34th floor, but you can always check the building directory or ask one of the security guards to be sure.

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by: jsherk on

I just use a fax instead as this is accepted as well. You send the fax and then print the transmission report thats says "SENT OK" and has the number that you sent it to on it. You can go online and find free fax sites where you upload your scanned document and they will send it. Alternatively you can go to places like Staples that will send a fax for you.

As you as you have the transmission report, this is accepted as proof of service.

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