Fatal Error on Disclosure?

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Fatal Error on Disclosure?

by: disclosurefight on
Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:57 pm


I was making a U-turn at an intersection which is "no left turn" with a sign. I still got pulled over by a police officer who was right at the intersection, he asked for my insurance& license. I was kinda nervous (first time) and handed an old insurance paper ( i had the right one in my car at the time though ) . The officer did not ask me any further and just gave me two tickets : 1 for HTA 144(9) and 1 for failing to show insurance and told me if i go to court he will be there.

After first court day:

The police officer shown today and he is a nice guy. At the court, I requested for a disclosure. They filed a disclosure to me at the end of it.

There are 100% errors on the disclosure :
1. Wrong/ half shown offense number on it for both disclosure. ( I do not know if the officer did that on purpose or not )
2. Unclear and almost blanks on pages due to bad photo-copying.

Next court day is set in the end of April.
What can I do with them? Or what should I in the next steps.

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by: bend on
Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:21 pm

There's nothing there to make your ticket go away.

There's no need for him to rewrite the highway traffic act offense number on your disclosure. It's already on your ticket.

Simply request disclosure again and let them know the photocopy wasn't great and portions didn't come out. Do not wait until your court date to bring this up. Sounds like you already wasted the courts time by waiting till your court date to ask for disclosure. You should be doing it now. I don't know when your last court date was, but waiting a month before your next date to ask for clarification on your disclosure isn't helping your case. You have to be proactive.
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