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Does A Ticket Have To Be Fully Complete?

by: rojorulz on

Last summer I was involved in a accident.

I was was coming to a stop sign and at the intersection another car was coming to a stop, once he proceeded I went to proceed, ended up he did not have a stop sign and did not have to stop. When I went to proceed I noticed a car still coming and i slammed on my breaks and stopped, however he hit the front of my car, lost control and ended up on the front lawn of someones house. He then backed out and i pulled in behind him he had no idea he was in a car accident it seems he was rubbing his eyes at the time and did not even see me. As well he was coming to the opposite lane as I was only about 2-3 feet into the intersection and the point of impact was not till after the front wheel well. He then decided to leave and the police had to go get him and convince him he was in an accident.

Anyways I was given a ticket "leaving stop not in safety" However on the ticket the officer never checked the boxes where it says was there a collison, yes there was but she did not check that, and it asks if there were witnesses, which there were and she did not check that.

Would this ticket be incomplete?

Thanks for your help

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