11B and disclosure steps prior/during court?

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11B and disclosure steps prior/during court?

by: fedup on
Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:00 pm

Ticket date: Aug. 10/12
First disclosure request faxed on May 30/13.
11B filed on July 4/13.
Second disclosure request faxed on July 8/13.
Third disclosure request faxed on Aug. 9/13.
Trial date: Sept. 4/13.

I read on other threads that the prosecutor is suppose to reply to my 11B prior to the trial date? If yes, the reply would be to either accept my motion and the prosecutor have dropped the charges or deny my motion and still see me at trial? Are the Attorney General of Ontario and the Attorney General of Canada supposed to reply to my 11B as well? I have not received any replies.

Should I file form 4F for section 7: no/improper disclosure on Aug. 15/13, even though I already filed 11B: unreasonable delay back on July 4/13?

When I register with the prosecutor 1/2 hr. before court time assigned, what should I tell the prosecutor when asked if I intend to plea guilty or not guilty? Should I mention that my 11B and no/improper disclosure issues need to be addressed first? Especially if the prosecutor does not mention them?

Do I bring up 11B argument before no/improper disclosure argument when I stand to answer JP's question of whether I plead guilty or not guilty? Or, do I mention both at the same time?

In my 11B, I attached R. v. Morin and R. v. Askov to my motion. Should I bring copies of R. v. Andrade to my trial as well in case I would have to argue/substantiate my 11B motion before the JP?

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