Hit and Run - Victim. Next steps?

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Hit and Run - Victim. Next steps?

by: rmlaik on
Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:20 am

Last night, the driver coming from the opposite direction decided to take a premature left turn into a condo building and, as a result, was T-boned by my car. My wife and I were not injured, but she complains of shoulder and abdominal pain.

While I wasn't speeding (40km/h zone), my vehicle took the brunt of the impact. I tried to catch the other driver's license plate, but he took a turn inside the building's visitor's entrance lot and sped out through an adjacent exit. I'm glad my car was wrecked to a point where it couldn't be driven or I would have chased the other guy to get his info (well, the moment I realized he wasn't going to remain at the scene).

Also, there were quite a few witness (10+), but (most unfortunately) no one was able to capture the basics: make & model, license plate, etc. The cops finally showed up, took statements (including mine), provided a report, and left the scene. The car is probably a write-off and was towed away shortly after.

1) I think I took all the right steps so far, but what's next from here? Am I responsible for my $500 deductible even though I have a printed police report (provided at the scene)?
2) The police report, if anyone has experience with this, doesn't describe the nature of the accident. It just states my name and vehicle, time of the accident, and blank information for the other vehicle. Is this sufficient enough for the insurance company to determine a hit and run?
3) My vehicle was financed. If it does turn out to be a write-off, does anyone know how this is going to be handled?
4) My wife was sent to emergency where it was determined that there were no immediate injuries, but was asked to come back if any pain doesn't subside after 3-4 days.

I am unclear if I should reach out to a lawyer first before contacting the insurance provider or what the immediate next step would be.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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by: argyll on
Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:20 am

The copy of the form that goes to the ministry (and later the insurance company) has codes on it where the officer should have indicated it was a Fail to Remain. Your copy won't show those. Assuming it all happened as you say this should have no impact on your insurance and all your expenses should be covered. There is no need for a lawyer because you haven't got anyone to sue.

You need to contact your insurance company immediately. You should have already called them.
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