Read End Collision- Careless Driving- First Accident

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Read End Collision- Careless Driving- First Accident

by: crazythedon on
Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:18 am

Hello everyone,

I just got into my first accident and was charged with careless driving. I would really appreciate any input on the next steps. Here are the details:

On October 6th, 2014 at approx. 9:30am, I was driving to school going south on McLaughlin Road. When approaching the Bristol intersection, the light turned yellow and the driver ahead of began to speed as did I because I wanted to make the light. Not knowing the driver in front of would quickly change his mind and slam his brakes, my car was unable to stop in time when I braked (due to breaks being worn) and I rear ended him.

There were no injuries however I did total my 99 Pontiac sunfire in the incident and I did manage to completely take off the other driver's rear bumper. When the police officer showed up to do the accident report, I told him the breaks of my car were slightly worn and not knowing I was going to implicate myself he charged with careless driving for this reason, as he said. Note I do have a clean driving record before this except for a speeding ticket over 10km which I got 2 months ago.

Now I'm wondering what should I do next in terms of fighting it? I'm thinking of hiring a paralegal however I heard that if the cop does not show up to the court date the charge will automatically be dropped. Being a student, $600 is quite much for me at the moment to pay.

However, if I go and the cop does show, what will happen then? Will they still offer a plea? Can I then ask for an adjournment and then proceed to hire a paralegal to fight the ticket? If they do offer a lesser charger, should I take it should I still hire a paralegal and try to get it dropped completely?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
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