Offered S.144(10)- Disobey Lane Light. Confused As To Why

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Offered S.144(10)- Disobey Lane Light. Confused As To Why

by: CC4893 on

So here's what happened:

I arrived at a busy intersection (at around 11:30pm) wanting to make a left. The light was green but too many cars were coming so I pulled out in front of the island and waited. The light turned yellow, still too many cars, still waiting. The light turns red, there's one car that's quite far back, I turn to clear the intersection, the driver speeds up, runs the red, and t-bones me. He was going way over the speed limit (is what the cop told me), and I was told that he had to have been going well over 100km/h (in a 60km/hr zone) to have done the damage to his car that he did. No one was hurt, both cars were totalled. I was charged, he was not. I have a witness who has backed me up.

I was recently offered "Disobeye Lane Light". I'm not sure how it makes sense, and I'm also not sure whether I should take it.

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by: Zatota on

CC4893 wrote:I originally was charged with careless driving
That's probably why you were offered Disobey Lane Light. From what several people have posted here, Careless Driving can be difficult to prove, especially in a case like this. Yes, one is required to be extremely cautious when making a left turn, but it's almost impossible to predict that someone would gun it to try to beat the light from that far away.

I've also seen it suggested that some officers initially charge a driver with Careless, even when it's not the correct charge, so they can reduce it to something else and make it easier to gain a conviction. I hope there aren't many who'd do something like this, but it can't be easy being a police officer. Officers need to hold drivers accountable for their actions and need to make judgement calls.

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