how to defend this specific traffic ticket

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how to defend this specific traffic ticket

by: dmj on
Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:56 pm

I was driving on westboung highway 7 west of lagstaff road at 80 Km/hr as per legal driving limit posted.driving conditions were good.Road was turning and there was underbridge (under duffrin street) just dark in that portion and black ice.I did see black ice but could not control car,it spun out of control just touch one car (little scratch only) and hit divider.My car got damaged.Police give me careless driving ticket at reporting centre.Please guide me how to fight this ticket :cry:
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by: Stanton on
Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:04 pm

Take some time to do some research on the forum. Careless driving is a common ticket to receive when you're involved in an accident but it carries serious implications. You'll want to request disclosure and review the Crown's evidence, possibly hiring professional representation if you go to trial. Quite often you'll be offered a plea deal to a lesser offence, which is another option to take if you don't want to take your chances at trial.

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by: ynotp on
Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:32 pm

No one can tell you how to fight a ticket without knowing what evidence is against you in the disclosure. Until you get it do not bother trying to formulate a defense or ask anyone their opinion you'll be wasting you will be wasting your time.

I would reiterate what Stanton said in that at this point you would be well served if you searched the forums for careless driving and see what other people's experiences are.

As it stands you have a 100% at fault accident regardless of outcome of the ticket. You say you can't afford to pay someone to represent you, but considering what your insurance premiums are going to look like can you afford not to?

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