Fail to drive in marked lane Sec 154(1)(a)

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Fail to drive in marked lane Sec 154(1)(a)

by: RobBlu on
Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:32 pm

I was involved in a accident. I was driving Northbound on yonge street just south of steeles. There was a lot of northbound traffic on Yonge (around 4:45pm). Considering I live by Bathurst and Steeles I usually take a short cut through the side roads instead of going westbound on steeles in more traffic.

I was in my turning lane to get off of Yonge onto a side street. The street crosses yonge but there is no lights only stop signs for the east and westbound traffic, so they must yield to traffic on yonge. I was in the center lane (turning lane) and there were 3 lanes of traffic to my right standing still. As I approached my turn and was about to start turning a subaru sti pops out from my right hand side trying to turn left onto yonge. He was coming through the stopped traffic so his vision was blind and he just pulled out quickly to get onto southbound yonge.

Now because of his speed and him turning as well I couldnt avoid him and ended up colliding both our front ends.

To make a long story short both me and the other driver received tickets, the other driver was at fault. The reason the cop told me he gave me the ticket was because he was watching video recordings off yonge (I have no idea how he managed to do that) and he said I was travelling at a high rate of speed. He believes I wasnt attemping to turn left but to cut through the traffic using the center lane. I believe he reffered to watching videos he meant that the first towtruck driver on the scene was sitting on the street i was trying to turn on and had a dash cam, but he claims to have not seen anything when he came to me on the side and told me he seen it was the other guys fault(who he was towing)

Any suggestions? Cheers.
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by: RikAmirnov on
Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:39 pm

I had a similar incident today, 3 lanes ; 1 oncoming , 1 turning left , local area... [ Mount albion & Lawrence City of Hamilton]

Driver ahead of me slammed brakes and in order to avoid collision i move to the turning lane and ahead of him.

coming in oncoming 250 ft away , once he passed made a u-turn and pulled me over,

Different Situation same offence

Additional notes : Misspelled Address, and plate no CVOR No.
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