Careless Charge - Missed Trial

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Careless Charge - Missed Trial

by: Nowisthetime on
Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:27 am

I had a trial yesterday but I missed the trial. Somehow I wrote the wrong date down and thought it was Tomorrow.

I had planned to do an 11b because my trial was 16 months past the offense.
It was for a summons (careless driving) and in my absence I was convicted.

I called and they said because it was a part 3, I could not reopen the case and the procedure would be to file for an appeal.
Any advice on this?

Are there valid reasons for people missing their trials and can they get an appeal for that?
Any ideas on what to explain which will be a give me a reasonable chance that the appeal will be accepted?

If the appeal is accepted can I still file for the 11b?

Thank you.
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