Parking Wrong Direction -but Ticket Has Incorrect Info On It

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Parking Wrong Direction -but Ticket Has Incorrect Info On It

by: splodge on

I live in Ottawa and while swapping cars around from my driveway, parked outside my house for 30mins in the wrong direction (btw: our street is a short dead-end with very little traffic). I got a ticket that says "infraction. parking facing wrong direction - no curb". I understand that yes by the letter of the bylaw (bylaw and infractions are posted on the internet) that I'm not supposed to park on the wrong direction, although as I said it was for a very short time DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, and on a short dead-end street. (A knock on the door and a warning might have been nice instead.) Anyway, there is in fact a sidewalk and hence a curb (is that what they mean by a curb?) but it was hidden under a blanket of snow. Do I have any chance of fighting this ticket, perhaps because the wrong info is on the ticket, or based on some other reason or chance of non-show at trial, etc? Note that the Bylaw rules listed on the internet have listings for both "parking wrong direction no curb" and "parking wrong direction raised curb"

Thanks, ..Roger

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