Turned On To One Way Street At Light

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Turned On To One Way Street At Light

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I was charged yesterday for "Drive Wrong Way - One Way Traffic" contrary to Highway Traffic Act Sect 153 in Waterloo.

What happened was I approached an intersection while the light turned amber, and mistakenly turned left onto a street that was a one way with three lanes of traffic. Fortunately, there were absolutely no cars coming in my direction, as they were all stopped a block ahead of me at another red light, and I stopped right away as I saw all cars facing me. Unfortunately, the right most lane that I turned into had me facing a police car at the next intersection, which immediately turned on its lights and siren and proceeded to give me a ticket. Bad luck for me, but I consider myself lucky for not being in an accident because of my carelessness.

The street lights do have the sign that shows no left turn beside them, but approaching the intersection there are some tree branches that partially obstruct them, but they are clear if you are stopped at the intersection. There is a one way sign further down the pole though that I did not see as I was focused on the amber light.

The set fine was $85 with total payable of $110.

I was given three options on the back, to respond within 15 days

1) Plea of Guilty - Voluntary Payment of Total Payable

2) Plea of Guilty - Submissions as to Penalty

3) Trial Option - Do Not Mail

So my question is is it worth it to go to trial in this situation where I am clearly wrong? I did turn on to a one way street and was caught immediately by the police officer. If I do go to a trial, is there any chance that my fine and demerit points will be higher than what I have already been charged with? ($110 plus 3 demerit points). Is there any chance that the fine and demerit points will be lower?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Turned On To One Way Street At Light

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Demerit points cannot be changed. The only way to avoid them is to be found not guilty or see if the Crown will offer a plea deal to a different offence with fewer/no points. You can always go to trial, but it doesnt really sound like you have much of a defence. It would be more a matter of making the Crown go through all the motions for a conviction. They will probably offer you a reduced fine if you agree to plead guilty. If you go to trial they will not.

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