Reciprocal Agreement Between Ontario And Michigan

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by: bend on

Accidents don't show up on your Ontario abstract (aka driving record). If you've been charged and convicted with something related to the accident, that will show up (eg. following too closely, careless driving, etc). Not all laws correlate from province to state, so only a select set of laws are included in a reciprocal agreement.

Insurance providers in Canada use Autoplus. Every provider in Ontario belongs to it. This covers your history from the insurance side of things. If you've had an accident, made a claim, had someone else make a claim against you, non payment, non disclosure... it will show be on your Autoplus report.

Your insurance policy requires you to inform your provider if you've been involved in an accident. In the case of an at fault accident, it's probably only a matter of time before they find out when there's eventually a claim made against you.

So no, your abstract wont show an accident. However, if there's a claim made against you, they'll find out about it that way. It will then be recorded in your Autoplus report so you can't just hop from insurance company to insurance company without detection.

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