Mistake: wrong offence marked on my traffic ticket

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Mistake: wrong offence marked on my traffic ticket

by: Shee on
Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:55 am


I was driving in the residential area to go home. There was a police officer who was there at the intersection and followed (did not horn or put on lights or anything when he was behind my car) until i go home. Since I did not do anything I just continued driving until my house. He then stopped in front of my house driveway and said I did not stop on the stop sign. I did stop and I don't know what his intentions were he just came behind as a normal car. He was very mean too. Then he gave me a ticket in which it is checked in the offence saying: ''Driver of vehicle, facing a red light, did not stop before the stop-line.'' There is no red lights in my residential area. Is the ticket defendable, since he marked the wrong offence?Is it a fatal error?

Please advice.
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