unauthorized plates on a vehicle summit HTA 12(1)(d)

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unauthorized plates on a vehicle summit HTA 12(1)(d)

by: andro91 on
Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:35 am

hello everyone i got pulled over today while having my old car plates on the new veichle without registering them because i was lazy and stupid and thought i can go do the emissions and safety to register it but i did have insurance on it while driving with my old plates i know dumb decision so the cop did not issue me a ticket just a summon to defend for unauthorized use of plate on a vehicle HTA 12(1)(d) it not my first charge i got one before but i re opened my case and the ticket was plate contravention my record is not that great all my tickets are failing to provide insurance slips and permit when i get pulled over but im insured i just have one speeding ticket and that was almost two years ago other than that this is my first summon ticket and it scary because it states the charge could be $100 min to $1000 fine or imprisonment for up to 6 month or in addition suspending license for up to 6 month so here goes my questions

1. is it possible to still get prison time even if i plea guilty for a lower conviction or even get my license suspended ?

2. should i seek a paralegal and try to fight it or in this case plea guilty is the best option ?

3. what would the crown look at as of my driving record point of view and weather or not they can see the previously similar convictions even though the case is reopened ?

please reply asap im stressing too much about it want to get some piece of mind
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by: Stanton on
Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:52 pm

1) It's technically possible but I wouldn't consider it likely. Jail sentences are reserved for serious repeat offenders.
2) That's a decision you'll have to make. You can always consult with a paralegal and see if they have any suggestions. You can then see what the Crown's willing to offer if you simply plea guilty.
3) The Crown will see your full past history.
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