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G2 Driver Possible License Suspension Need Help

by: ItsColdButItsCool on

I have a question that I hope someone can answer. I am a G2 driver facing a 30 day license suspension from stunt charge. Now even if my charge is dropped to a 49/km+ my license will be suspended, it's a mandatory suspension for G1 and G2 drivers.

But here is the thing, I am eligible to take my G road exit test, am I able to take my test and before my court date and if I do end up getting a 49/km+ charge, will they charge me off my G license, where I will not face a suspension or will they still suspend my license and charge me as a G2 driver?

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by: bend on

Unfortunately, it wont work.

If you graduate to a full license while waiting on a charge that occurred while driving as a novice, you will still be subject to the Novice Driving Sanctions if convicted.

It's still 30 days for the first offense and 90 days for the second. The only time this changes is on a third. If you graduate while sitting on a third strike, they will issue you another 90 day suspension rather than cancelling your license and making you start from scratch.

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