License Suspension

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License Suspension

by: awall068 on
Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:56 pm

Long story short, I have been fined 150$ license suspension fee as I failed to pay/make a court date for a failure to wear seatbelt(passenger) ticket. I have a medical note for not wearing the seatbelt due to chronic physical disability but did not have it on me. Also have mental illness and as a result failed to react within the 15 days. Not to mention the place where I received the ticket is 7 hours from my home. It is all just a big mess. I am a student, and on disability and no job.

1. Is there ANY way out of the 150$ fine? (Already sent request to reopen ticket but was denied..I can not attend an appeal since it is so far a way)
2. If a passenger over the age of 16 but who does not have a license received the same ticket, obviously they would have no license to suspend..and therefor no 150$ suspension fine. Do they get some sort of other fine?

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by: Stanton on
Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:17 am

1) I don't believe there is any appeal process to have the reinstatement fee (not a fine) waived.
2) Even if you don't have a licence, when you fail to pay a fine a licence number is generated and the suspension recorded. So you can actually be suspended without ever having been licenced and would need to pay a reinstatement fee prior to being licenced.
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