Stouffville rd west of Hwy48

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Stouffville rd west of Hwy48

by: Randalman on
Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:33 am

There has been construction going on for some time now but it is completed as far as McCowen. This road used to start off from 48 as a 60k limit then quickly became an 80 but during construction the white and black signs were changed to 60 and the orange ones were lower while the road was being worked on.
Now this 2km long section is finished, no more workers, no more orange signs, no more pylons, lines are painted etc but the b/w signs have not been changed back to 80. The construction has moved past the crossroad of Mcowen which is a traffic light intersection.
The trap is set just at the end of the newly finished road before the intersection and well before entering the actual construction zone along the 1.5k stretch that was the 80 zone. The newly finished section of this road once again looks like a perfectly legit place to be doing the old limit of 80. YRP is there for most of the day almost every day using handheld radar with the car usually parked north of the intersection on the crossroad.
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