How To Fight Erroneous Red Light Camera Ticket Or To Get Additional Disclosure

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How To Fight Erroneous Red Light Camera Ticket Or To Get Additional Disclosure

Unread post by Safedriver2018 »

I recently got a red light camera ticket ($325) when i didn't even cross the intersection. I turned right on a red light, which is allowed and not prohibited at the intersection in question. In the photos on the ticket:

- I am in the right most lane but my car seems to be headed straight, even though my front tires are slightly turned right (hard to tell; pic too small)

- my speed is indicated at 30km/hr

- break light in my rear window seems to be on (hard to tell; pic too small)

- my right turn signal seems to be on (very hard to tell; pic too small).

- in one out of the three photos on the ticket, my car isn't even in the picture as I have already turned right and out of frame.

- there is a big pick up truck with trailer attached turning left from the same direction I was going. I.e. from the same road, I turned right and this truck turned left. I think this truck triggered the camera but I got nailed when I didn't even cross the intersection.

Question - Can I request digital copies of the photos in my disclosure request? so I can properly zoom in and show the judge. How else can I fight the ticket? In my mind, it is a clear technology fail but I am afraid that the judge and/or prosecutor may not see it that way. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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Unread post by ynotp »

Unless you have a green arrow then you are required to stop at the red light marker then proceed to make your right turn.

If you request a trial they will have a huge picture for you to examine if you meet with the prosecutor before the trial.

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Unread post by bend »

You were charged for making a right on red without coming to a stop.

These cameras aren't just limited to vehicles going straight.

There isn't much you can do here to defend yourself. They are pretty straight forward. See if the fine can be reduced and you can probably just move on. These are glorified parking tickets and aren't usually worth the time. They are charged to the plate owner, not your license. Once you pay, you can forget about it. If you don't, you can't renew your sticker. That's it.

Paralegals wont even deal with these tickets.

Like ynotp said, they will provide you with a blow up of the photos and that's pretty much it.

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