Red Light Turn No Camera

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Red Light Turn No Camera

by: ygallegos on


I got charged with a Red light fail to stop ticket which includes 3 demerit points and a fine of $350.

When I was driving southbound I turned right while the light was still green and were about 8 seconds left on the timer inform of me. To my surprise a few meters away I see a commotion where the 2 police cruisers were blocking 1 of the live lanes with people stopped to whom they are given infractions. this traffic obstruction leaded to people blocking the only lane left to pass because they were exiting the scene of the where they being given a ticket and merging on the lanelane . At this point I was well after the white lane of the intersection waiting for 2 cars ahead of me to exit and go. I could see the 2 officers talking to other 2 cars who exited before me and merge the lane where I was driving. I was left last in the lane of cars and I got pulled over and given a ticket for red light.

I went to court and pleaded not guilty, I was offered by justice of piece a offence of failing to obey and $100 fine, which I would have taken if I was guilty in the first place.

I have asked for disclosure, the tkt was in York region, when I asked for disclosure the police officer said he saw me coming south and was off his car and asked me to stop. When I was stopped he had just finished given an infraction to the guy who merge the lane before me. The disclosure says there is no evidence in notebook and I asked if I can knw when the notes where taken because there is no dvd evidence either.

could I argue that he did not see me cross the intersection? or that he has not mentioned he had another police officer with him on the disclosure? notes are general does not describe my car by color or make it just says m/v which I assume is moving vehicle.

no evidence in notebook? can I argue that there is no evidence against me and I was victim of the circumstances?

The first court date was set for april 29, 2016 the officer requested a motion to move court date and was moved to August 17,2016. Initial infraction date was July 29,2015. Can I argue is passed over 1 year? shouldn't the fine be cancelled because is over a year?

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by: jsherk on

It is not clear if you are saying you did or did not get a copy of officers notes?

Where does it say "no evidence in notebook"?

Can you scan and blank out any personal or officer information on whatever you have and post here?

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