Red Light Camera Trial

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Red Light Camera Trial

by: Hallowfear on

Ok so I got a red light camera ticket here in Hamilton at Kenilworth and Cannon in the common law wifes car

Under advice from a coworker she said I should fight it to hopefully at least get it reduced, so we(I) choose the trial option.

My trial date is coming up rather quickly (Feb 3rd), and I forgot about it until this week.

I have a few short questions .

1) I can not find my copy of the ticket (the ones with the photos), is this gong to be a problem?

Part of my "argument" was that it was wet out and I barely hit the light red (0.something seconds).

There is two lights (intersections) just over hundred feet apart I sped up a little to get through the first set (not to fast) and would have slid if i tried to stop at the second that turns at the same time

2) The other half said she read in an article some where that the Red Light Camera warning sign has to be a certain distance from the intersection.

Is this true? If so what is that distance?

3) Last question is, since the car was in the spouses name do I admit I was diving or not?

If i admit I was driving are there demirt points added?

Thank You so much in advance for any advice and information
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by: iFly55 on

Failing to stop for a red light is an absolute liability offence. The courts are only interested in whether you stopped or not. Why you failed to stop, is not an essential element.

Enforceable signs in Ontario have to visible 60m away in the direction of travel. I believe the red light camera signs are merely a courtesy, I don't see anything in the regulation that talks about the signs: ... 0277_e.htm

RLC tickets do not affect your driving record or your insurance; at no point do you have to self-incriminate yourself that you were driving the vehicle. As the owner of the vehicle, you're responsible for all tolls/speeding/parking/red-light tickets that are sent to the plate; unless you have evidence, the vehicle/plates were stolen.

IMO you should go to the trial, and explain what happened to the prosecutor and ask for a reduced fine; if you don't have two nickels to scratch together, the courts can give you extra time to pay and even setup a monthly payment program, where you could pay $10/mth.

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