Red Light Camera Ticket - Halton Hills - Need Advice.

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Re: Red Light Camera Ticket - Halton Hills - Need Advice.

by: Pardy on

highwaystar wrote:
Pardy wrote:... couldnt I ask for them to prove that the camera was in proper working order during the day of the offense?...

Actually, in that offence, the onus is on YOU to provide 'evidence to the contrary' that the vehicle didn't run the red light; not the other way around! They don't have to prove the camera system was working. The mere production of the photos certified by a POA officer is enough proof. Read section 205.15, especially subsection 3 and 4(b).

So, if you want to raise doubts as to whether the camera system was working, YOU need to present some evidence to justify that; not the other way around. Speculations are not enough.

By the way, going through the red after 17 seconds is not really that extraordinary. I've seen tickets with over 40 seconds and going much faster; some turning right and many proceeding straight through! You'd be surprised how common the 10-20 second range can be!

In reading your post, its actually quite funny to see your progression from outright disbelief and denial that this could have happened, to your later recollection of when it did happen and how it happened, to your attempt to find any perceived loophole to walk away. As all of said thus far, I wouldn't waste too much time on this (especially since you know you did it)----I would just negotiate a lower price, plead guilty and move on. There are no consequences other than paying money. After all, if you go to trial, you'll likely just be convicted anyway and just end up paying more. Then again, the time and money is yours to spend and the public coffers could use all the help they can get! :)

Thanks but I know for a fact I turned right at the light that day at that time and that light so what I "know" is, it was an illegal lane change. And yes, it did take some time to recollect what I did that day once I checked the calendar etc. If the camera had shown my car in the intersection is one thing but to show me on the line and then gone proves to me nothing. Either way there is no point in fighting as I hear it can be quite time consuming so I'll just pay it off.

Thread can also be closed. Thank you everyone for your advice, knowledge and experience.

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