Is Maneuvering To Avoid Accident Enough For Fighting?

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Is Maneuvering To Avoid Accident Enough For Fighting?

by: Sasan on

I got a red light traffic ticket crossing the Erb and Regina street N in Waterloo. I crossed the red light since I maneuvered to the right to avoid an accident, however, the maneuver caused me to see the red light late and I was too close to the intersection and not able to stop the vehicle, so I accelerated and passed the light with 54 km/h to clear the intersection.

Is above statement enough for fighting the ticket?, or Id better to pay the lesser value?

You help is appreciated.

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by: Stanton on

Failing to stop for a red light is whats known as an absolute liability offence, meaning the Courts dont really care about why you committed the offence. The only defence is one of necessity, where youd have to demonstrate some life threatening emergency. Not seeing the light in time really wouldnt qualify in that regard.

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