Disclosure Request For Red Light Camera Ticket

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Disclosure Request For Red Light Camera Ticket

by: patricia2807 on

Hi there,

I hope I can get help/advice here, thanks to all in advance and much appreciated.

I have an early resolution meeting next week (2nd week of Dec) with the City Prosecutors' Office (Queen St West) and I called today to see how my request for disclosure is coming along as I have not heard back from them. I faxed in my request Oct 25th and the woman who answered the phone told me the only disclosure I can & will get for a red light camera ticket are the photographs. I've done quite a bit of research and have not come across this, is what she said true? Am I not entitled to right of information? I know it's no points but $325 or even a reduced charge is hard for me now since I'm not working.

To give some background, my car was photographed on Canada Day down by the Lakeshore / Woodbine area. Things were dark, there were police doing the traffic lights along Lakeshore (but not where my red light tix was shot), construction sites along Lakeshore were common, lots of vehicles and people around. I was very surprised to get the ticket in my mail, as I did not recall going through a red light, neither did my friend as a passenger sitting in the front. There were no street signs shown in the photographs but lots of traffic cones on the other opposite side of the road to the left of my car.

The ticket stated the red light signal had been red for 034.8 seconds and my car proceeded through the intersection straight ahead at 036.3 seconds. I was clocked doing 34 km/hr together with 2 different cars in the pic, not at a high speed one would expect if I was making a mad dash across. I honestly don't recall seeing any red lights so did the other cars in front or back of me, as traffic was moving along slowly but surely, I was just going along with the flow.

I had ask for a few reports, thinking if I don't ask I won't get so the reports were for whether the traffic lights were properly working or were they covered or obstructed etc, if the red light camera properly synchronized etc. If I am not entitled to the reports I want for my defense, should I plea guilty and hope for a reduced fine here in early resolution? What can/should I do to have this thrown out or reduced to a pittance lol? Thanks so much!

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by: Stanton on

There is no additional disclosure provided with red light camera tickets. The ticket itself is considered to be evidence of the offence.

In terms of determining if the camera and/or traffic light was working correctly, you need only look at the photograph. You should be able to see a visible red traffic signal at the time you entered the intersection. If the light isn't visible or a different colour, you're probably in luck.

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