Proceed Contrary to Sign at intersection

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Proceed Contrary to Sign at intersection

by: vandenjason on
Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:41 pm

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can provide some insight into my dilemma

My gf and I both received a ticket today for turning left in an intersection which had a sign indicating no left turns (separate cars, I was following her in my car). The issue we're having is that the no left signs are very new to this particular intersection which we have both been using for months. At some point within the last week or so, they added two sign at the lights. Since we've been through this intersection so many times as it's our route to work from my gf's place, we both over looked this as we proceeded through following a third car that was also ticketed. We also don't know when it was added since we've been away for the last week. The intersection is also a "T" so it's only a left or a right, not straight through (not that this info is likely useful). What burns me is that there is no sign indicating that there is a pretty substantial change to the intersection and the no left turn signs are at the level with the light, nothing lower. We took a bunch of pictures of the area and also of many of other cars turning left as well, not sure if any of this would be good info for a trial. I'm set on fighting it because I feel that the city should have done a better job indicating the change and that the police knew of the issue (hence why they set up to ticket people in that location) but I'm not sure on the best way to proceed or my odds at winning. I also haven't read anything that says sign changes have to be indicated in anyway. Anyone have any suggestions on this? Also, if by change, they do add a new sign to the area warning people of the no left turn, would that improve my odds? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by: bend on
Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:24 pm

New signs don't need to be marked. If they did, there would be regulations on how "warning/new" signs are to be displayed (there isn't). Sometimes you'll get the "new" sign, but it looks to be a courtesy more than anything. Whether they add one wont change your case.

If I were a prosecutor and had to counter your argument, it would probably be that complacency is not a defense while driving. Going through the motions isn't an excuse for being a potential hazard for the other drivers around you. So be prepared for that kind of response.

On the other hand, signs do have regulatory rules they must follow (height, positioning, template, etc). If you believe the sign is improperly displayed according to regulations, you might have a defense there.
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