Regulations Sect. 7.15

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Regulations Sect. 7.15

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7.15 (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations,

(a) prescribing information to be included in an application for an IRP cab card;

(b) prescribing the records to be maintained and preserved under section 7.2;

(c) prescribing information and reports to be filed with the Ministry with respect to an IRP cab card;

(d) governing the calculation of interest for the purposes of section 7.7;

(e) prescribing the manner of serving objections under subsections 7.8 (1) and 7.11 (7). 2002, c. 22, s. 98; 2004, c. 31, Sched. 18, s. 3 (1).


(2) A regulation may establish classes of IRP cab card holders and may contain different provisions and requirements for different classes. 2002, c. 22, s. 98.


(3) A regulation made under clause (1) (d) is, if it so provides, effective with reference to a period before it was filed but not earlier than December 9, 2002. 2004, c. 31, Sched. 18, s. 3 (2).
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