Parking Ticket in the Mail?

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Parking Ticket in the Mail?

by: miserable123 on
Wed Jun 23, 2010 6:44 pm

I live in Toronto, and had a friend from out of town borrowing my car to go pick up some food from local restaurant.

He said he came back and found a man in plain clothes come to him as he went back to the car spot. He didn't notice he was in a handicapped parking spot, which the guy told him of, and apparently took down my license plates and said a parking ticket for $900 will arrive in the mail.

I've never got a ticket for speeding or parking in my life, but this sounds quite suspect. Can anyone (not just police officers) issue you a ticket for parking, and do they arrive in the mail? Plus, am I on the hook for a friend's poor use of my vehicle.
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