Ottawa - Are "Truck or Van Only" parking signs legit?

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Ottawa - Are "Truck or Van Only" parking signs legit?

by: Dubya on
Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:13 pm

Hi all,

Just got a City of Ottawa ticket from a parking lot company for "Unauthorized Parking" for parking my car in a spot that was clearly marked "Trucks or Vans only". Was late for a meeting and took the first available spot.

I understand the purpose of these signs, but would like to know if these are "legally binding?" signs... As in, are these signs that warrant an "Unauthorized Parking" charge?

The attached pic shows my car, doesn't show the sign clearly tho.. Probably doesn't matter, but the spot is clearly too small for a vehicle any wider than mine.. I had to park on an angle just so I could open my door.

Thanks for any input.
A better pic of the sign
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