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Novice Driver Bac Above Zero

by: bobbysmith1993 on


So yesterday at 2:45 am I was pulled over because my lights weren't on (first time i've forgotten while driving). This was 1 minute from my home. The officer asked if there was anything to drink, I initially said no simply out of panic but when asked again said I had two beers (the honest truth). I explained the panic as I rarely encounter police in my life. My first was at 10 pm and my last was at 1:45 am or so, so about an hour before the ticket (it was a 200 ml beer). My passenger had 6-7 drinks so the alcohol smell was coming from there, but I was the one breathalyzed of course. I registered "15" (i think 0.015) which is what he told me, far below the limit he explained. However, as a G2 driver I was being issued the ticket and he understood that I was driving fine, but that the G2 driver must have 0 registered alcohol (I get that). He said he should technically tow the vehicle, but instead would follow me home. He noticed my driving was no concern and stopped after 15 seconds of following me. I received a suspended license notice and was told to pick it up after 24 hours at the station.

My only infraction ever was about 3 years ago, which was a suspended license as a result of not having paid a cell phone and driving ticket. I was expecting to hear back regarding my appeal, which I didnt, and the next thing I know I get a suspended license notice which I paid immediately the next day as well as the ticket fine. I am explaining this to provide as much information as possible about my driving record.

I am 21 turning 22 at the end of next month, and have had my G2 for about 3 years. What are my chances of getting a less severe ticket if I fight it? I'd appreciate any help from someone with actual experience or knowledge with very similar incidences. I've read up online quite a bit so I'm familiar with the procedure if I don't fight it. However, I don't want this affecting my insurance or driving record long term which is my serious concern.

Thank you!

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by: bend on

This could be one of those charges where you'd might consider some sort of representation.

With any offense dealing with alcohol, they aren't exactly eager to offer any kind of plea deal.

G2 driver with a BAC level above zero is what's considered a "serious" offense by most, if not all, insurance companies. A lot of people may get the idea that this isn't as serious because "well, if I had a full license (unless you're under 21), it wouldn't be a big deal". Your insurance provider doesn't see it that way. As with all serious driving offenses, be prepared for quite the insurance hike or you may even be dropped altogether.

Also, be aware you are a novice driver and are subject to novice driver escalating sanctions. BAC above zero is a violation of your license restrictions and will come with an automatic 30 day suspension on top of everything else.

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