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Violation Of Novice Driver Conditions

by: JimmyJo on

So I got a letter saying my license is suspended for 30 days. I got 1 ticket in February for having alcohol in my system with a G2. Didn't get a DUI or anything.

I'm guessing this is the cause of my suspension? Is this right? Can I do anything about it?


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by: ticketcombat on

I think you skipped a step: you got a ticket and then a suspension. What was the charge and what happened in court?

If your demerit points after the conviction totaled 9 then you get an automatic 30 day suspension.

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by: hwybear on

Any violation conditions for a G1 or G2 licence will result in a licence suspension.

This is why the conditions are in place, makes less experienced drivers EARN there complete licence. Fail to adhere to simple conditions and "bye bye" licence.

Further, when you get reinstated ($150 reinstatement fee) check your licence class, I was always under the impression that a G2 condition violation also drops you back to a G1....but I could be wrong on that part.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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