40km On A 30km Area On Airport Terminal 1 Passanger Dropoff

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40km On A 30km Area On Airport Terminal 1 Passanger Dropoff

by: bueler on

Hey everyone, first time reader and poster...hoping I got this in the right sub-section :)

On my way to drop off some family members at the airport I was waved down and asked to pull over right in front of the first departure gate at Pearson Airport(Toronto). Not being sure why, I was rather confused/surprised when told that the reason was speeding in a 30km/h zone. The officers were from Peel Regional(Mississauga) and issued me a ticket of 40km/h on 30km/h zone contrary to TLSAR Sect 5 with a payable amount of $40Cad. I was told that it was brought down for me but I was never told the actual speed. That being said I believe I may have been travelling at around ~50km/h. From a quick google search TLSAR sec5 seems to state...

5. No person shall operate a vehicle at a rate of speed greater than

(a) the speed specified by the airport operator on a sign; or

(b) if no speed is specified by the airport operator, 50 km/h.

Now from my knowledge the last speed sign I saw said Max 60km/h right before entering the departure entrance, and I was well below that but from taking a look on google street view there seems to be another sign after that a few meters which makes the zone jump down to 30km/h where the gates are and then a few meters further it jumps back up to 50km/h and then 60km/h again.

My only concern is that for my current employment I am required to have a clear record and this is checked every year. I have maintained a clear record for all my driving career until now. The officer who issued me the ticket claimed that this is not an HTA ticket and it would not be on my record anyways. Does this sound correct? Would this appear on an insurance profile/record when getting re-quoted/renewed?



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by: ynotp on

It is not a HTA offence since technically you were on federal government land. You broke a federal regulation and not a provincial offence. I do not know if this will be visible to your insurance, criminal driving offences seem to show up, but this isn't criminal. On your record or not, you might have to disclose it if you are asked point blank if you have been convicted of speeding or you risk having a claim denied.

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by: tom1331 on

Wait so if an officer gives me a ticket at the Airport for anything, it's not a HTA ticket?

My wife was told she made an "illegal u turn" a month ago because she was lost and drove to a dead end,

she ended up making a 3-point turn and the officer jumped out right away to say it was a U-Turn

I don't get it, if you drove to a dead end, how else do you turn around and leave?

anyway, he ended up letting her go with a warning, but if I get a ticket at Pearson Airport, it's not charged under HTA??

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