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How To Avoid Accidents, Ontario Canada

by: admin on

How to Avoid Accidents, Ontario Canada

There are many ways to avoid accidents in Ontario Canada and most of them begin with common sense. Distraction is the number one cause of accidents in Canada and the United States and can easily be rectified by some common sense moves. Cell phones should not be used while driving, even hands-free style of cell phones can cause a distraction to even the most experienced driver. If you must use your cell phone, pull over to the safety of a parking lot to return the call for us avoiding one more distraction.

Other distractions include eating in the car, applying makeup, changing the CD or a radio to a different station, even reading simple instructions while trying to drive can cause accidents. The best alternative to these types of distractions is not to eat in the car, wait until you arrive; apply your makeup before you leave the house, leave the radio where it is or preset your radio or put in a CD before you start the car or allow your passenger to be in charge of the radio or CD player and read the directions before leaving the house or pullover if you feel you have taken a wrong turn or gotten lost in order to avoid causing or becoming part of an accident.

Drinking and driving or using drugs while driving is another leading cause of accidents that can be avoided simply by not getting behind the wheel if you're using prescription drugs that make you drowsy or if you have been drinking. Allow someone else to drive and arrive alive.

Speeding is another avoidable accident cause. If you've ever come up upon a yellow light and stopped while someone else has gone through the light, you might notice that that same car is stopped at the next light or you may be passing them on the highway only a matter of moments later. Speeding usually does not get you to your destination any faster because there will always be stop signs and stoplights contend with.

There will always be unavoidable distractions in the car such as children or dogs however if you keep your eye on the road or pullover to deal with any interruptions a child or animal might have, you will arrive safer and avoid distraction accidents.

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