Accidently Entered A Hov Lane

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Accidently Entered A Hov Lane

by: linuxing on

Hi All,

I got a ticket because of the violation of the hov lane. could you please give any suggestion on fighting the ticket?

here is the story:

I was on hwy 404 from Markham to Toronto. I was supposed to take the exit of hwy 401 west, but because i am not familiar with that area (I live in mississauga), i missed the exit to hwy 401 west (but i didn't know at that time becase the GPS just saying take the right exit in the next 500 meters), and when i realized, it was too late, as there is barrier between the exit to 401 and 404, so i have to keep driving, and then GPS automatically reroute saying that there is exit on the left, so i just took the exit which is a tunnel to the 401. under the tunnel, there were two police offices waiting there, one came to me ans told that i violate the hov lane, and i was so surprised because i didn't know it is a hov lane, but the police didn't listen to me and gave me a $110 ticket. from where i took the exit to where i was stopped by the police, it was less than 50 meters, i just thought it is a regular exit, and if i knew it is hov lane, i would never take it.

this is the first ticket i get. can you please give any suggestion to fight the ticket?

thanks in advance.


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