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Is It Worth Fighting A Improper Right Turn 141.2

by: pft on

I was south bound on Don Mills & turning right onto Overlea. There were 2 cars in front of me . The Cop was right around the corner waiting .

The 1st car made the turn ( properly intio the curbside lane) the the cop then moved into the lane and was standing in the middle of the lane when the 2nd car went to the far left lane ( he let him go) and when I did the same turn he pulled me over and issued an improper right turn. My question is will I be able to argue that he was obstructing the lane by standing in middle of it and that I made the decision that it was safer to go to the outside lane? He didn't want to hear it

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by: Bookm on

Yes. It's reasonable to move to an open lane when someone is standing in the correct lane. Fight the ticket.

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