Improper Left Turn?

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Improper Left Turn?

by: Nativerain on

So yesterday at 4:13, I was on my way to deliver a dash camera to my Mother that she ordered to my home. She was on Picton Avenue, where my relative lives and was where I was meeting up with her. I was on Red River, a two lane road on either sides and making a left turn onto Picton Avenue, just houses down from meeting my Mother. A truck with a lady inside and 3 other vehicles behind it on the second left lane, stopped and motioned for me to take my turn. I yielded my way to turn when it became clear to me that the second lane to the middle line was empty and was safe to do so with no traffic in sight, but shortly after my turn and almost completely successful, a car came speeding down the lane out of what is supposed to be a 30km zone from the express highway but was clearly going faster due to the damage caused. I felt a huge blow to the back of my car when it hit me from my passenger rear end and it completely tore my tire rod and left my back bumper destroyed. They claimed I cut them off but they were nowhere in sight when I had made my turn. I had recently (on Monday October 7) successfully pass my class G license too and I had only had my new car for 2 weeks until yesterday. I waited for police to show up for 3 hours to the accident and when an officer finally showed up, I explained my situation but I had a gut feeling that didn’t matter. After 20 minutes of writing up a report, he concluded that I was at fault for a car causing the collision and gave me $110 ticket for an improper turn. He then proceeded to tell me that even though the truck stopped to let me through, I was still at fault. He said that “I clearly almost made it because of where the car hit me” and that I could potentially fight the ticket but it wouldn’t matter for me. The police officer cannot attest to how fast the car was going, even though I explained the feeling of the blow of the car hitting me and the damage he caused. The Officer explained to me that I was still at fault and that was that. Anything I said from that point didn’t matter because there was no surveillance to prove my point. What do you think I should do?

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by: ynotp on

Sorry friend you don't have may options other than to go to court and dispute the charge. I would hire a paralegal to try and get it dismissed because novice+ticket+at fault accident = bus.

This is why you should never give up right of way. The other driver might have thought they were doing you a favor yet here you are with as a novice driver with an at fault accident and a ticket to boot. Please people if someone has the right of way and is waving you through say no and wait until they pass. If this person had waited the speeding car would have been visible and the accident avoided altogether.

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