Bylaw Infraction - Demerit Points?

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Bylaw Infraction - Demerit Points?

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I received a ticket for a bylaw infraction this morning - improper left hand turn - and was given a ticket for $18.75 and was told it would be two demerit points. I'm getting conflicting messages about the demerit points: some people are saying that since it's a bylaw infraction no conviction will go on my record and consequently, my insurance rates won't be affected. Other people (including the MTO) are saying that the demerit points will go on my record and therefore, my insurance could be affected.

Can anyone tell me the real scenario? I'll certainly pay the small fine if that will be the end of this but if there are potentially larger ramifications than I would prefer to deal with this in the most appropriate manner.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Was there a OHTA sub noted?

Section 143 and subsection 144 (9) of the Highway Traffic Act and any municipal by-law prohibiting turns, from our Demerit Points Table: ... points.php , does award 2 demerits, even though these are by-law infractions.

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