154 (1) (a) Fail To Drive In A Marked Lane

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154 (1) (a) Fail To Drive In A Marked Lane

by: digorius on

Hello all,

I received a ticket this morning in the 401 West bound Express lanes (around Warden) for Failure to drive in a marked lane 154 (1) (A).

Let me explain this and see what you think.

There was an accident in the East bound lanes and some debris spill over into the west bound lanes (I only discovered this upon arrival at the scene).

It was around 7:00 A.M. so you can imagine the bumper to bumper traffic. We were inching along at 5-10 km/hr. We were inching along to the scene and the truck in front of me goes to the left (along with several other cars) at this point I see an OPP cruiser with lights flashing parked sideways in the lane. I just followed the traffic in front of me not thinking anything of it as there was nobody directing traffic. About 200-300 feet after the cruiser an officer comes walking out directing all the traffic to stop. Several cars stop for a second and then take off like a bat out of hell. The guy in front of me waits as well as some people behind me.

You can guess the rest. I get a $110.00 ticket (154 (1) (A)) with 3 demerit points attached to it.

As you all know the (A) part of the act reads : a vehicle shall be driven as nearly as may be practicable entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from the lane until the driver has first ascertained that the movement can be made with safety.

I would say that driving 5 to 10 kms per hour and me checking of course that all is okay on the shoulder in this area would equate to me making a safe move.

For all I could tell there could have been an officer directing traffic to go that way, the situation was very poorly set up.

Anyway, I would like to fight this ticket. What are your thoughts?

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by: viper1 on

It may depend on where your court is.

OPP could be from milton or whitby?

If you challenge them you will win





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by: beleafer81 on

Thats bullisht! Fight that, it should be a winner.

BTW did that cop hand out a bunch of those tickets, or just to you?

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